Our Pledge To You


Go Fish Costa Rica is 100% dedicated to the angler experience.

Our pledge is to ensure that your expectations are met and exceed by any means necessary. We believe you, the angler, deserve to receive an un-rivaled level of service, a clean and safe fishing environment, knowledgeable crew and equipment suitable for the application in which you are engaged.

We pride ourselves on the accolades we have received from the hundreds of satisfied customers and raving fans we have accrued along the way. Your trip to Costa Rica is more than a fishing trip and we understand and appreciate this.

We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about fishing in Costa Rica and the country. We have not hosted a single client that is not now a friend. You have a choice with whom to fish with and we are dedicated and prepared to do what it takes to remain the #1 choice for you.


Why we are still the best

We are objective. Whether you like it or not there are some boats and crews that are better than others. It’s not the boat that catches the fish, it’s the crew and depending on your fishing needs, we will find the best fit for you.

We personally know each and every captain and boat that we represent and will not jeopardize our sterling reputation on account of making a buck or massaging someone’s ego.

You’ve come to us to catch fish and that is exactly what we do our very best to provide. You will not be disappointed by working with us nor will you find better or more complete service from the first call to the last cast.


We proudly serve over 1,000 anglers each year here in Tamarindo and the North Pacific.

Costa Rica is truly a traveling angler’s paradise. For more than 3 decades our country has drawn vacationing fishermen and woman from all over the world. With two major international airports, thousands of resorts, hotel and private rental rooms, world class restaurants and attractions, and the region’s most ecologically friendly culture, Costa Rica has developed in to one of the most popular destinations for sport fishing and adventure enthusiasts alike.

The Costa Rican government and culture favors tourism and welcomes without hassle or threat travelers from all walks of life. Without a military and a government system that very closely mimics that of the United States the country has not seen any sort of coup, political or otherwise, in more than 50 years unlike so many other Central American destinations. The Costa Rican government and their citizens cherish their peaceful lifestyle and by nature are a non-violent people. We are free from drug wars, military coups, ousted presidents, violent crime against tourists and dangerous influenza outbreaks.

The aquaculture here in Costa Rica is also one far developed beyond that of other countries in Central and South America including Mexico. Costa Rica is amongst the toughest defenders of the fishery and the birth of the circle hook and its benefit can be attributed to the anglers here. Catch and release for billfish species is strictly adhered to which explains the pleasant lack of photos of dead pelagic treasures such as marlin and sailfish hoisted up on docks. All of us practice responsible creel limits and go the extra mile to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem.

The Costa Rican government has recently placed strict limits on long line fishing operations, shark fining, and marine park protection. These efforts combined have allowed Costa Rica to remain the #1 sport fishing destination in the world for decades, consistently delivering the experience anglers are seeking in what can be described as nothing other than paradise.

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