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Looking to bring a high quality diving experience to Costa Rica, Seakret Divers Costa Rica was established in 2020. Founders Adrianna Trejos, Scott Jackson, Torin Melville and Luis Carlos Huertas chose the Papagayo region for its massive diversity of marine life, gorgeous scenery and fun yet rural area for tourism. Plus, the local dive sites are perfect for beginner divers without losing appeal to more advanced divers.
Join Seakret Divers on their long list of local dive spots in the Papagayo gulf where you will witness a large variety of species, large and small, reef and pelagic. You may see whale sightings at the surface, white tip reef or nurse sharks resting on the ocean floor, elegant harlequin shrimp snacking on a sea star, and mollusks of all shapes and colours inching their way around a volcanic rocky reef sea floor.
Catalina’s Islands are a scattered arrangement of islands and coastline that offer a variety of diving options both deep and shallow. Look for giant oceanic manta rays cruising the current feeding on zooplankton and krill, work your way through amazing volcanic rock formations searching for octopus hiding in the cracks, or maybe even lay on the sandy bottom next to some white tip reef sharks. From whale shark spotting, humpback whale cruising to huge schools of fishes, there is plenty of life roaming around. Catalina’s Island can produce currents and swells that you need to be aware of but they are still really manageable for most open water divers that want to explore and discover an amazing sea floor topography and have contact with a lot of pelagic sea life.
Bat Islands (Isla Murcielago) are a string of islands off the far North coast of Costa Rica in the conservation area of Santa Elena, a sacred place for wildlife and nature. Divers at the Murcielago Bay (Bat Bay) can enjoy the presence of bull sharks in their natural habitat at the "Big Scare" dive site, where you will have the chance to see the sharks without feeding or baiting them. These dive sites are reserved for advanced divers because of surface conditions, currents, and depths. After diving "Big Scare'' we head to the world renowned "Black Rock" site. This site is like walking through a major city metropolis at rush hour. Try not to get lost in the tornados of fish that completely engulf you as you dive around the pinnacle. This is a magical site with thousands of fish and a known cleaning station for large pelagic species like giant oceanic manta rays and whale sharks.
Seakret Divers also offers training and certification in PADI open water, advanced open water, rescue diver for recreational level of diving among other distinctive specialties. If you wish to turn pro, divemaster internship is available. Take the plunge and start your journey in what will surely become a lifelong obsession.

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