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Fish The Finest Fleet in Costa Rica!

You wouldn’t operate on yourself, right? Then why on earth would you take on the task of finding the safest and most reliable crews in Centra​l America to take you, and your friends or family fishing? We’ve owned and operated the finest fishing outfit in Tamarindo and are very well connected to world class sport fishing equipment, captains and crews.

We can’t tell you how many beautiful websites we’ve come across for boats that we wouldn’t send our worst enemies fishing on. You can trust us; every boat, captain and crew we know personally and can guarantee their legitimacy and qualifications.

Please don’t waste your time and money going it alone. Your bad experience can damage all of our livelihoods – please allow us to put you on the right boat with the right crew.

​All of Our Equipment / Crews Feature

  • Fully equipped boats and yachts
  • English speaking captains and/or crews
  • Expertly experienced captains and crews
  • Insurance
  • Top of the line tackle, rods and reels
  • Include beverages, snacks and meals*
  • Are legally operating within the country
  • Catch and release on all bill fish
  • Responsible creel limits on edible fish
  • Accommodations for various numbers of anglers
  • The ability to handle special requests

Knowledge is power!

We have been doing this a long time and personally know each and every boat and crew featured. I guarantee you that you won’t save any time or money trying going it alone.

Please call or send us an email prior to booking with any boat or company. Even if you don’t book through Go Fish we still want to be certain your Costa Rican fishing experience is a positive one.

By booking with Go Fish you have a reliable, on-the-ground contact working for you to ensure all of your expectations are met and exceeded whenever and where ever possible.

Feel free to give us a call 7 days a week with any questions you may have about Costa Rica fishing and Costa Rica in general at 1-888-434-7491​.

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