Costa Rica Sport Fishing

Fishing the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

For decades, the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has been amongst the most sought-after fishing destinations on the planet. With countless current and past IGFA world records to its credit, this stretch of coastline has attracted millions of traveling anglers throughout history. The tranquil nature of the Pacific and unique underwater landscape and structural features provide for the ultimate migratory path and home to many of the worlds most prized sport fish species.

Proximity to the fish is everything when it comes to big game fishing. If the mere chance at catching big fish were enough to satisfy anglers we’d all be fishing out of comfortable marinas in convenient locations. A two plus hour ride to dropping lines back simply isnt acceptable for the captains of the North Pacific who have located themselves here to do what they do best: fish.

With 1,000 feet of water within short reaches of the bays and beaches along the North Pacific you will spend more of your time fishing than in any other destination in Costa Rica. The continental shelf runs parallel to the Central American coastline and is closest to shore in the North Pacific region lending more time to fishing and less time commuting.

Along the North Pacific coast there are several ports of call that are amongst the most famous for their proximity to fish and their offerings on shore insofar as lodging, dining and nightlife are concerned.

The largest and most popular is Tamarindo. Offering more than a handful of sport fishing operations, this beautiful beach is on the top list of many travel authorities. With several large hotels and a handful of lodges and inns this town boasts everything necessary for not only the best fishing Costa Rica but also a great vacation for anglers and families alike.

Just to the north of Tamarindo is Flamingo beach. Ages ago, Flamingo had a marina that attracted many operations which ultimately defined and established Costa Rica as the most preferred international sport fishing destination. Located just inside of the Catalina Islands, Flamingo serves as a one of the North Pacifics key sport fishing hubs.

To our south is another hidden gem; Carrillo. This is small bay located near the southern tip of the Guanacaste Peninsula. For several months a year, this little town comes alive with traveling fishermen and has been a well known destination for decades. With few operations permanently operating from Carrillo you will want to speak with us about the best way to go about fishing here.

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